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Better roads. Better lives.

We are an innovative startup changing the way cities manage their roads.

Much like the similarly-named movement of the early 20th century, we at GoodRoads want safer, longer-lasting roads.

There is a massive infrastructure funding gap in the U.S. Our nation’s roads continue to receive ratings of ‘D’ and lower. Most believe that only money can fill this gap ... money we don't have.

At the same time, we know from our own experience and from talking to potential customers that pavement managers don’t currently have a good, comprehensive way to assess and prioritize roads for maintenance. Current methods take a long time, are expensive, and aren’t very useful for decision-making. And they wish they could communicate with other pavement managers, but they don’t have a good way to do it.

We’re building software, hardware and a community to help pavement managers and those responsible for scheduling road maintenance make better decisions, faster.

Meet the Team

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Chris Sunde

Founder, Engineer, & CEO

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Jim Rublee

Co-founder & Software

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Kyle Raub

Co-founder & Development

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Robert Mion

Co-founder & UX

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Yakov Keselman


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Noel Varghese

Computer Vision Engineer

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Deepshikha Purwar

Data Scientist

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