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The devices record photos and ride quality data. Our artificial intelligence engine assesses road quality. Our assessments comply with the Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) Standard (ASTM D6433-18)

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Our assessments comply with the national Pavement Condition Rating standard, ASTM D6433-18.

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City partners with local startup for better roads

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To better maintain its roads the City of Charlotte is exploring innovative technology solutions for more efficient road maintenance...

NC IDEA FOUNDATION Awards Total of $300,000 to Six North Carolina Startups


The following six Fall 2019 NC IDEA SEED grant recipients were chosen after a three-month competitive application and selection process that drew 182 applications from across the state...

GoodRoads works with civil engineers to bring safe streets back to cities

By hypepotamus

The American road system is rated by the the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) as a “D,” largely due, according to civil engineer Chris Sunde, “to the huge funding deficit on our infrastructure.”

This entrepreneur is building a high-tech solution to the American road crisis

By Charlotte Inno

If there is one thing we’ve figured out about Chris Sunde, it’s this: He believes passionately that cities need better roads, that people need safer ways to drive, and that affordable and easy-to-use technology can make both happen...

About us

Our mission

GoodRoads, LLC was founded in July, 2016 and is registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State. Our company mission is to reverse the declining quality of road infrastructure in America. We believe roads are the veins that bring vitality to our economy. They deliver us our health, education, food and recreation. Roads are fundamentally necessary to support our way of life.

Our passion

We recognize the woeful lack of funding to support our road infrastructure. We also believe that the job of maintaining roads is a difficult one, with a dearth of adequate tools for pavement managers to be effective at their jobs. And finally, we believe that pavement managers are left isolated from one another and from the public, of which so few understand the importance of what a pavement manager does. These observations are the basis for the GoodRoads approach to turning our road infrastructure failings around.

Our focus

We focus not on the funding, but on the technology and community around maintaining roads. We believe if we get these two aspects right, the funding issue will naturally be addressed as well. Our goal is to be a core part of Smart Town initiatives across the nation.

Our tech

Our technology includes a portable electronic device for image- and roughness-based road data collection, data science to identify trends in road decay and effective maintenance strategies, and a cloud application for budgeting and prioritizing repavement projects.

Our team

Founder and CEO, Chris Sunde, has 11 years of industry experience. He is joined by a team of five experts that includes a Principal Data Scientist, an AI Developer, a Hardware Engineer, an iPhone Developer and a User Experience Designer.

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